Dr. Ramdayal Munda Tribal Welfare Research Institute

डॉ. रामदयाल मुंडा जनजातीय कल्याण शोध संस्थान
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    Established in the year 1953 TRI, Rachi is a premier Institute of Research, Training, Evaluation and Publications. The Institute has a beautiful campus, with a Tribal Museum, Library, Conference Hall and an Auditorium. The Institute carries out various empirical and theoretical studies, based on a broad spectrum of issues related to Scheduled Tribes. The Institute is funded both by the Government of Jharkhand and the Ministry of Tribal Affairs.

    The focus of these endeavors has been the transfer of academic insight and understanding related to various aspects of tribes in Jharkhand to enhance the process of policy formulation, resource generation and development. Apart from research, the main emphasis of the Institute is the preservation of Tribal Art and Culture.


    Shri Ranendra Kumar


    Dr. Ramdayal Munda Tribal Welfare Research Institute,

    Department of Welfare,

    Government of Jharkhand


    View recent exemplary and relevant research projects, tribal bulletins and publications from various Tribal and Indigenous communities.

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    Tribal and Folk Painters First National Camp

    In this first National Camp, around 80 tribals and folk painters from Himachal to Kerala, together awakened the magic of colors.

    Documentary Films

    Documentaries relating to various tribes of Jharkhand.

    Tribal Museum

    Documentaries relating to various tribes of Jharkhand.

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    • 26th Jan - Republic Day
    • 28th Jan - 2nd National Painting Camp